Our first post, and where to find us

Hello! This is more or less the first post that we here at the Dudes of 708 have ever posted on our blog, so I thought I'd just share a thanks for being part of our community. We'll probably be posting updates from the devlog about our upcoming game (wow!) as well as other updates about upcoming content that we are planning on.

There's some issues with rendering the post preview on our website, so consider this block of text filler and just skip right over it. However, if you do read it, do know we are watching you very closely... just kidding! Just head on down and join our Discord server, we're almost always chilling in there and we have people from all over the world, so hopefully it's a good place to find some friends.

We'll be doing our best to moderate all the platforms you can find us on, from YouTube to Discord to even this blog and GitHub. We're working on many projects and we're all university students, so sometimes we have lots of work and we can't keep up as much as we'd like. But we do try our best. If there's something you'd like to see, head on over to our Discord and give us a good ol' ping!

Now, here's all the links where you can find us:
...and I think that about covers it! So thanks for sticking around, and check back for some real updates soon.